The raw material we mould has been formulated to meet the following specific performance requirements: One of the most interesting features of the thermosetting resins is their components great and suitable changeability thus allowing to reach specific features in relation to the application needs.It can be enhanced its either individually and combinated mechanical,thermal, chemical-resistant and dimensions characteristics.

SMC and BMC:
They are press-moulded at high temperature with steel molds. In the international thechnical terminology,these material are known as Sheet moulding compound and bulk moulding compounds.Their most significant characteristics are the following: high stiffness and great mechanical strenght, great thermal strenght, great stability, resistance to chemicals and bad weather conditions, great designing choice.They are employed in a lot of fields: electrical application above all, transport application, trucks and automotive, building applications in bathroom components, kitchen panels, windows.

they are worked by compression molding, offer a variety of different applications in the electrical,automotive, household, appliances and computer industries.
The advantages of thermosetting moulding compounds are an extraordinary strenght and dimensional stability of the parts moulded even when exposed to constantly high temperature