The range of machinery and equipments allow the molding of the thermosetting resins by compression, transfer and injection. Our presse park is made up of:

- 11 presses for the compression molding of different tonnage, from 60t to 300t with a maximum plan size mm 1030 x 1000 x h 1000. Molding capacity from 6 gr. to 16kg. - 8 orizontal presses for injection molding of t 270 with a molding capacity of gr 4.000.

The activity of the assembling has enabled us to provide finished components and to direct the management of stock for KAN BAN procedures.

We perform machining such as turning and mining

Directly we supply metal parts by steel, iron, brass which are employed during assembly Plast Orobia offers to his clients the best solution for all technical problems, services for product industrialization carrying out all the phases of design, moulds development, makes pilot moulds, production of the technical articles, the choice on the most suitable materials thanks to the cooperation with engineering department and chimical laboratories.